Draft Board Resolution For Closing Bank Account


Draft Board Resolution For Closing Bank Account

If a company wants to close its current bank account it has to take the approval of its board by way of passing board resolution in this regard. The different banks have their own format of application for making a request for the closing bank account. Along with the application form applicant is also required to submit the necessary supporting documents including a certified true copy of board resolution. Hereunder is the draft board resolution for closing bank account of a company.

“RESOLVED THAT the Company's Banking Current Account No__________ with (Name of the Bank with address), be closed and the amount, if any, lying in the said account be returned to the Company by way of issuance of Bankers’ Cheque or transfer to other Current Account in the name of the Company.

"RESOLVED FURTHER THAT Shri _________ and Shri _______  Directors of the Company be and are hereby severally /jointly authorized to do all such acts, deeds and things and to sign all such documents as may be   required in connection with the closure of the said Account.”

RESOLVED FURTHER THAT  the  copy  of  the  above  resolution  be  forwarded to the concerned Branches of the Bank for necessary action at their end."

The above draft board resolution for a closing bank account is only for reference purposes make sure to incorporate necessary changes as per your requirements before using this draft.

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