E-Book on Draft Resolutions and Procedures Under Companies Act 2013


E-Book on Draft Resolutions and Procedures Under Companies Act 2013

This E-Book on Draft Resolutions and Procedures Under Companies Act 2013 is  for the use of CS, CA, CMA and other Corporate Professionals who deal with the matters relating to Companies Act, 2013 and also for the students who are preparing for the CA/CS/CMA examinations. 

This e-book is mainly divided into two parts.

Part I  : Draft Format of Resolutions
The first part of this e-book contains the draft format of various Board, Special and Ordinary Resolutions under Companies Act, 2013. With the help of these ready-to-use draft formats you don’t need to draft the entire resolutions, you just need to fill the information in the blanks and you are done with your work. In this way you can save your considerable amount of time and effort.  

Part II : Step by Step Procedures Under Companies Act 2013 
This part includes stepwise procedures for various important corporate actions under the Companies Act, 2013. These procedures are drafted considering the provisions of Companies Act, 2013, rules made thereunder, Secretarial Standards and other applicable allied legislation, so you don’t need to refer to different books of applicable rules and regulations to know the exact procedure to be followed for important corporate actions under Companies Act, 2013, as all the relevant information is made available at one place.

        Why should you buy this e-book ?

      Copy the contents and use it

You can copy the content of this e-book and use it after making necessary changes as per your requirement, by doing this you can save your precious time as you don’t need to type your entire content.   


PDF Format

As this book is in PDF format you can access it as per your convenience while working on the desktop or on the move through your laptop, tablet, iPad, mobile etc.


Availability of all the relevant information at one place

You don’t need to refer to different books of Companies Act, 2013 and rules made thereunder, Secretarial Standards, SEBI Act as all the applicable provisions related to a corporate action are summarized at one place. 


Search Facility

With the help of search option you can easily find your desired content by searching the keywords such as buyback, dividend, audit committee etc.


Navigation Facility

This e-book also has easy to use navigation facility, so with a single click you can move to your desired content in the e-book.

A great tool especially for the freshers and young corporate professional  

This e-book will be a great self-learning tool for freshers and young corporate professionals who have just started their carrier. This e-book will help them to improve their drafting skills by providing the basic structure and content of resolutions and stepwise procedures provided in this e-book will help them to prepare a to-do list for any corporate action so that they do not make any default in complying with the provisions of Companies Act, 2013 which may lead to legal complications and penal actions.  


As this e-book is prepared and delivered in PDF format, it enables us to update our e-book on a regular basis and you can assume that the e-book which you receive is updated with all the latest amendments till the date of purchase of this e-book. As far as future amendments are concern, whenever we will come up with the newer edition of this e-book, we will intimate all the buyer of this e-book and provide an opportunity to get the new edition of this e-book at a very nominal price.

Based on the feedback and reviews received so far from the buyers of this e-book, I can assure you that this e-book would be of immense help for all the corporate professionals in carrying out their professional assignments and CS/CA/CMA students in preparing for their exams.

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After making the online payment through above given link you will receive the e-book in PDF format through an email. In the case, you need any other information or have any trouble buying this e-book on draft resolutions and procedures under Companies Act 2013 you can mail me at email id [email protected] or call me on Mobile No.9926026126. You may also submit your feedback/review through email.  

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