Sample letter for closure of bank account and transfer of funds



Sample letter for closure of bank account and transfer of funds 

For whatever reasons if you have decided to close your bank account, before doing so, you need to take a number of important steps so that this process can be completed without any difficulty. First, you have to open a new bank account with a bank that suits your needs best. After that, you have to identify and shortlist the automatic debits being carried from your present bank account and you have to update your bank details with all the parties to which the automatic payment is being made from your present bank account. You should also transfer all your money to your new bank account and after that make a written request to the bank to close your bank account. For this purpose, a Sample letter for closure of bank account and transfer of funds is provided below for your ready reference.  

Sample Letter   

Date :

The Branch Manager

(Bank Name)

(Address of branch)


Re. :  Request letter for closure of my saving/current bank account no. ____ and transfer of balance funds



Respected Sir,

With reference to the subject captioned above, I would like to inform you that I am having a
saving/current bank account no. _____ with your branch in which current balance is Rs. _____ . Now as due to _________ (reason for closing bank account) I don’t want to continue with my above-referred saving/current bank account and want to close my this saving/current bank account. As required with this request letter I am returning to you checkbook, passbook and debit card linked to my this saving/current bank account.


This is also to inform you that the current balance in my saving/current bank account is Rs. ____ (amount in words), which I want to be transferred to my another saving/current bank account having the following details ;


1.     Name of account holder :

2.     Name and address of bank :

3.     Account Number :

4.     Type of account :

5.     IFSC Code :


For the verification of my identity and signature, I am enclosing herewith a self-attested photocopy of my ................ (name of identity proof such as pan card, voter id card, passport, driving license etc.).

I hereby request you to kindly close my above-referred savings/current bank account no ………………. and transfer the balance amount in my above-mentioned bank account.


I will be highly obliged if the necessary formalities for the closure of my bank account and transfer of the outstanding balance, are completed on an urgent basis.


Thanking you in advance.




Name & Signature of account holder

Account Number :
IFS Code   :

Mobile No :

Note: This sample letter for the closure of bank account and transfer of funds is only for reference purposes kindly make necessary changes as per your requirement.

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