Draft Board Resolution For Change in Authorised Signatory for Bank Account


Draft Board Resolution For Change in Authorised Signatory for Bank Account

"RESOLVED THAT in supersession of the earlier resolution passed by the Board for authority given by the Company to operate the Current Account No. __________ with the ________  Bank now the following directors of the Company be and are hereby jointly and severally authorised to operate the above said bank account from time to time.

1. Shri _______________
2. Shri _______________

RESOLVED FURTHER THAT the Bank be instructed to honor all cheques, promissory notes, and other orders drawn by and all bills accepted on behalf of the company whether such account be in credit or overdrawn and to accept and credit to the account of the company all moneys deposited with or owing by the bank on any account or accounts at any time or times kept or to be kept in the name of the company and the amount of all cheques, notes, bills, other negotiable instruments, orders or receipt provided they are endorsed/signed severally by any of the two of the above said directors and such signature shall be sufficient authority to bind the company in all transactions between the Bank and the company.

RESOLVED FURTHER THAT the above said resolution be communicated to the Bank by Shri _________ of the Company together with the specimen signature and photograph of Shri ___________, the director to act upon it and will remain in force until notice in writing of its withdrawal or cancellation is given to the bank."

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