Board Resolution For Formation of Share Transfer Committee


If the Articles of Association provides for appointment of a committee, power to approve transfer of shares at least of small numbers may be delegated to a committee of Directors/Senior Executives. In the case of constitution of committee, suitable conditions regarding notice or quorum required to be fixed. Minutes of the share transfer committee should be placed before the Board meeting.

Board Resolution For Formation of Share Transfer Committee

"RESOLVED THAT a Share Transfer Committee of the Board be constituted with immediate effect and that the Committee consist of any Two Directors and Secretary of the company for the time being and the Committee so constituted will have the following powers and authorities, viz.:—


(i)  to provide for the safe custody of the Common Seal, if any, of the company;

(ii) to approve and register transfers and/or transmissions of Equity Shares and Preference Shares of the company;

(iii)to sub-divide, consolidate and/or replace any Share Certificate of the company;

(iv)to authorise affixation of Common Seal, if any, of the company to Share Certificates;

(v) to do all other acts and deeds as may be necessary or incidental to the above.

RESOLVED FURTHER THAT _________ be and is hereby authorized to do all act, deed and things as may be necessary for the execution of above board decision.
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