Company’s or Companies Meaning Correct Use & Difference



Company’s or Companies Meaning Correct Use & Difference

In this article we are going to analyze two words i.e. company’s or companies because there are lots of confusion regarding the use of these two words as both these words come from the same word company, which means a body corporate having it’s separate legal entity and perpetual succession. The use of these words depends on the context in which they are being used. So, now one by one we will understand when we should use the word company’s and when we should use word companies.

    When to use the word companies ?

    The word Companies is plural a form of a singular word company, so whenever you are referring to more than one company, you should use the word companies. To give you a better understating of the use of word companies, I have provided below some of the sentences in which word companies is used

    1. I have invested in multiple companies listed on NASDAQ.

    2. Many companies in the USA hiring new employees.

    3. List of top 10 blue-chip companies of Dow Jones.

    4. Addresses of the companies registered in the California State

    5. There are more than 100 multinational companies are working with Google  

    When to use the word company’s ?

    The word company's is the possessive form of the word company. You should use word company's when you are referring to something which belongs to that company. It shows the ownership of a company over something. To give you a better understating of the use of the word company’s, I have provided below some of the sentences in which word company’s is used

    1. How much is your company’s turnover?

    2. Customer satisfaction is our company’s first preference.

    3. Employees are very vital for the company’s growth

    4. This year company’s earnings increased by 25 percent.  

    What is the difference between Company's or Companies ?

    I hope now you have a complete understanding of when and how to use both the words company’s vs companies. Now I am providing one example in which both of these words are used. For example, our company’s salary structure is better than most of the companies working in the pharma industry.

    When to use the word companies’ ?

    There is another word companies’ where the apostrophe is added after companies, it is also used to express possession, but here it expresses possession of multiple companies. The word companies’ is generally used when something belongs to more than one company. For example Companies’ revenues going down because of the recession in the market.

    In the conclusion now we know that a company is a singular noun, companies is a plural noun, company’s is singular possessive noun and companies’ is plural possessive noun.

    I hope after reading this article now there will be no confusion in your mind about the use of all these words company’s vs companies vs companies’. 

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