Checklist For Compliances of Provisions of The Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act, 1970


Checklist For Compliances of Provisions of The Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act, 1970

Whether ;
1.      The Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act, 1970 is applicable to the company.
2.      The principal employer has obtained the certificate of registration for the establishment.
3.    The appropriate Government has by a notification prohibited the employment of contract labour under section 10.
4.   The contractors have obtained license from the Licensing Authority for contract labour undertaken or executed by them.
5.      The contractors have got their license renewed in time.
6.      The contractors are employing workmen as per license and registration certificate.
7.    The number of workmen actually employed by the contractor’s tallies with the number of workmen shown in the license.
8.      The contractors are sending half-yearly returns in Form No. XXIV in time.
9.     Where the wage period is one week or more, the contractors are issuing wages slips in Form No. XIX one day prior to the disbursement of wages.
10.    The principal employer maintains register of contractors in Form No. XII.
11.    The principal employer has sent annual return in Form No. XXV to the Registering Officer.
12.  The principal employer has within fifteen days of commencement or completion of each contract, submitted return in Form No. VI-B to the Inspector.
13.   Minimum rate of wages are being paid to the contractor labour in the presence of authorized representative of the principal employer.
14.   The authorized representative of the principal employer gives a certificate to this effect at the end of the entries in the register of wage- cum- Muster Roll, as the case may be.
15.    The contractors are properly depositing ESI, EPF contributions in respect of their workmen and submitting copies of the challan to the HR Department of the company.
16.   The contract labour is provided the facility of rest room, canteen, wash room, first aid and other facilities.
17.    The contract labour is granted leave with wages.
18.    The contract labour is being paid over time at double rate.
19.   The workmen engaged by the contractor are ensured benefits from ESI Scheme including issue of cards, temporary slips and are provided medical facilities.
20.    The contract labour is being given contribution slips of EPF issued by the Regional Provident Commissioner.
21.    The payment of wages to contract labour is being made in accordance with rule 65.
22.  The leave applications and gate passes of the contract labour are being signed by the contractor and his agent.
23.    The gate passes to the contract Labour are issued and signed by the company’s employees.
24.    The contractors are maintaining records as provided in rule 78.
25.    Under The Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition) Act, 1970.
  • Registration Certificate (Before appointing contractor) -Form-1
  • Register of Contractor - Form-XII
  • Register of Employees employed by Contractor - Form-XIII
  • Muster Roll, Wage Register, Over Time Register, Fine Register
  • Deduction Register, Advance Register (contractor)
  • Notice regarding rates of wages
  • Display of the Act & Rules
  • Half yearly return by contracter - Form – XXIV
  • Annual Return by Principle Employer - Form – XXV (before15th Feb)

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