Property Title Search Report



Property Title Search Report

What is a property title search ?
A Property Title Search is the process of retrieving the history of a property right from the original owner of the property to the current owner over a period of time. It provides documents which help determine relevant interests in the property of the owner and other individuals, if any. It is usually prepared by an Expert, who after visiting the Registrar’s office and inspecting the property documents, issues a title certificate.

It is mandatory for a developer to annex a copy of the report in the ‘agreement to sell’ with the intended purchaser. This document will state if there is any existing mortgage, litigation, condition or claim, which is likely to affect the title of the buyer adversely. In the same way, a bank is also assured of the title of the property. Banks usually do not finance an encumbered property or one under legal dispute because it reduces its security and increases risk exposure. In order to avail a housing loan, one of the preconditions is that the title of the property should be clear and marketable.

   Which documents are included in the property title search  

   Property Title Search includes:

  1. Ownership: Status of ownership- sole or joint and the documents stating the same.
  2. Deed Copy: Recent deeds in respect to the property.
  3. Legal Description: Description of the property in legal parlance.
  4. Chain documents: Previous owner of the property.
  5. Possession: Actual Possession of the property.
  6. Right of way: Easementary Right - the Right of way given to the owner.
  7. Leases: Leases on the property which can affect the property status.
  8. Mortgage: Whether the property has been mortgaged or not?
  9. Tax Payment: Details of tax payment in relation to the property.
  10. Bankruptcy Search: Report of bankruptcy of the owner of the property.
  11. Municipal Service Lien: Report of unpaid municipal dues like water, sewer, trash etc.
  12. Property Restriction: Restriction on sale of property like sale in case of unsound owner.
  13. Plot Map: Official copy of Map of the plot.
  14. Property Zoning: Property lying under which zone like Ecological Zone, Flood Zone, Earthquake Zone etc.
  15. Civil Court Record: Any order of the Civil Court against the property.
and other things like Spousal Support Lien Search, Child Support Lien search, Power of Attorney, Special Assessment etc.
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