Draft Board Resolution For GST Registration


Draft Board Resolution For GST Registration

RESOLVED THAT the Board do hereby appoint Shri …………….. of the company as Authorised Signatory for enrolment of the Company on the Goods and Service Tax (GST) System Portal and to sign and submit various document electronically and/or physically and to make applications, communications, representations, modifications or alterations on behalf of the Company before the Central GST and/or the concerned State GST authorities as and when required.”

FURTHER RESOLVED THAT Shri …………….. of the company be and is hereby authorized to represent the Company and to take necessary actions on all goods and service tax related issues including but not limited to presenting documents/records etc., on behalf of the Company liaising /representing  for  registration of the Company and also to make any alterations, additions,  corrections,   to the  documents, papers,  forms, etc.,  filed with  service  tax  authorities  as  and  when required.

FURTHER RESOLVED THAT Shri …………….. of the company be and is hereby authorized on behalf of the Company to sign the returns, documents, letters, correspondences etc. and to represent on behalf of the Company, for assessments, appeals or otherwise before the goods and service tax authorities as and when required.

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