Board Resolution For Approval of Annual Budget


Board Resolution For Approval of Annual Budget

"RESOLVED THAT the annual budget of the company for the year ____ as submitted by the Chief Financial officer (Annexure – I) be and is hereby approved and shall be allocated."

"RESOLVED FURTHER THAT a report on the performance of the Company containing the budgeted and actual results be submitted to the Board at every meeting for review and appropriate actions."

RESOLVED FURTHER THAT, that the officers of this corporation are, and each acting alone is, hereby authorized to do and perform any and all such acts, including execution of any and all documents and certificates, as such officers shall deem necessary or advisable, to carry out the purposes and intent of the foregoing resolutions.

RESOLVED FURTHER THAT, that any actions taken by such officers prior to the date of the foregoing resolutions adopted hereby that are within the authority conferred thereby are hereby ratified, confirmed and approved as the acts and deeds of this corporation.

RESOLVED FURTHER THAT _____________ be and is hereby authorized to do all such acts, deeds, things and matters as may be necessary in their absolute discretion to give effect to the Resolution.”

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