Board Resolution For Appointment of Chairman


The Chairman of the Board, generally, takes the chair. If there is no Chairman of the Board or he is absent a director is elected as the Chairman of the meeting. Where there is no regular Chairman, Chairman may be elected at and for each meeting. In the absence of a provision in the Articles for the appointment of the Chairman the director presiding over the meeting does not have the legal status of the Chairman of the company, he is only Chairman of the meeting.

If a poll is demanded on the election of the chairman, it shall be taken forthwith and the chairman elected on a show of hands shall exercise all the powers of the chairman and conduct the poll. If some other person is elected chairman as a result of the poll, he shall be the chairman for the rest of the meeting. [Section 104(2)]

Board Resolution For Appointment of Chairman

RESOLVED THAT pursuant to article __ of Articles of Association of the company Shri ___________ Director of the company be & is hereby appointed as a Chairman of the Board of Directors with effect from ___________ and he shall remain as Chairman unless otherwise decided by the Board." 

FURTHER RESOLVED THAT ___________ be and is hereby authorized to take all necessary actions to implement the above decision of the board. 

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