Best Online Discount Share Broker In India In 2023


Best Online Discount Share Broker In India In 2023     

With the increase in internet usage in India, more and more trading is being done online. This has led to a new type of brokers, which are known are as Discount brokers. Discount brokers provide very competitive brokerage rates with good customer services.

What are Discount Brokers?

The discount broking is a concept where a broker charges relatively lower commissions as compared to market norms and attract the existing clients of other firms in the field. Since the rates are significantly lower, they usually resort to automated servicing- mainly online. Discount brokers typically do not charge an annual service fee or maintenance fees on their customer’s account.

Discount Brokers in India

Discount broking is a very recent trend that started just five years back in 2010. Discount brokers charge a reduced commission and do not provide investments advice. The best known discounts brokers in India are SAS Online, Zerodha, RKSV and Tradejini; there are also few smaller players in the market as well, but based on the returns these are the largest. Charges are kept low because discount brokers offer fewer employees, fewer products, and no advisory teams. Lately, discount brokerage is becoming very popular in India as more and more people have access to internet and several people are now investing using their own knowledge.

Which Is The Best Discount Brokers in India in 2021

I personally recommended SAS Online as best discount broker in India. Doing my investment with them & really happy with their response time. Here under is my complete review on SAS Online.


India's True Discount Broker
Now trade at Rs.9/trade or enjoy unlimited trading at Rs.999/month

SAS Online started out with a goal to make investing affordable and easy with the cheapest brokerage and dedicated customer support.They are doing well on their part and winning the accounts of thousands of new customers every month. SAS Online (South Asian Stocks Ltd) currently have 10000+ online clients spread across 700+ cities of India. As of June 2016, they are doing a daily average turnover of Rs 6000+ Crores.

SAS Online offers its services from 1 centralized office located in Delhi, results in big saving on account of infrastructure facilities, which are passed onto the clients in the form of lower brokerage.

SAS Online charges a fixed amount i.e. Rs 9 per trade irrespective to the size of the trade. The trader pays fixed price brokerage, for a trade of Rs 10,000 or Rs 10,00,000. This makes a lot of sense to traders who trade multiple times a day.

Comparison of SAS Online with other top Share Brokers in India 
SAS Online
ICICI Direct
Account Opening Charges
Rs 200
(Click here to avail the waiver of account opening charges of Rs.200)
Rs 200 for self printed or Rs 300 courier form
Rs 250
Demat Account AMC
Rs 300 per annum
Rs 300 per annum
Rs 600 per annum
Rs 400 per annum
Monthly Unlimited Plans
Equity – Rs.999/-
Currency – Rs.499/-
MCX – Rs.999/-
Not Available
Not Available
Not Available
Not Available
Rs.9 per executed order
Rs.20 per executed order
Rs.20 per executed order
0.05% for Intraday
0.50% for Delivery
(may vary little bit depending on customer turnover)
0.04% for Intraday
0.40% for Delivery
(may vary little bit depending on customer turnover)
Minimum Brokerage
Rs 35 per trade
Rs 20 per trade
Example :
Brokerage on buying 100 shares @1000 on delivery basis total transaction value Rs.1,00,000/-
Lowest brokerage i.e. Rs.9
Rs.11 more brokerage than SAS Online
Rs.11 more brokerage than SAS Online
Rs.491 more brokerage than SAS Online
Rs.391 more brokerage than SAS Online

From the above comparison it is clear that at present SAS Online offering the most aggressive brokerage rates in India with unique unlimited monthly plans for Equity/Currency/MCX.

Why should you join SAS Online
1.      Lowest brokerage in India, results in a big saving in overall transaction charges including service tax, as service tax is charged on brokerage amount.
2.     No software charges
3.         Unique monthly unlimited Equity/Currency/MCX plans.
4.         Same plan for Intra-day / delivery trades
5.         Get margin against your shares
6.         Enjoy upto 20X leverage in Equity cash and 5X leverage on NFO & MCX
7.         Higher leverage via Cover orders and Bracket orders.
8.         No account minimums. No prior commitments
9.         Zero down time, Tick by tick update as servers are co-located with the exchange.
10.     Trade across multiple platforms – Desktop, Tablet and Mobile.
11.     Calculate your Intra-day and Carry forward margins using SPAN calculator.
12.    Transfer funds via payment gateway and get instant limit update via Pay-in feature inbuilt in SAS Trader.

Special Promotional offer Zero Account Opening Fee 

SAS Online is waiving off the Rs.200/- account opening fee as part of limited period promotional offer. Click on the offer banner above and fill in the contact information. SAS Online representatives will assist you in opening the free trading account.

SAS Online offers following 4 different plans to suite your trading needs :

SAS Online Trading Platforms

SAS Online is not for you if you are interested in dealing with mutual funds, IPO and FDs. Like any other discount brokers SAS Online does not offer service in these segments. SAS Online does not offer 3-in-1 account, so you need keep in mind that, everytime you should transfer the funds to SAS Online account before start trading, not a big disadvantage though.

SAS Online is perfect for you if you are do lot of trading and hence don’t want to go with someone who offers “pay as you trade” type of plans. Their Rs999 and Rs499 plans will be best suited for you.  But in case you are an swing trader/investor doing limited trades but the turnover is very high hence do not wish to go for full service brokers, SASOnline’s Rs9 per trade plan will be good for you.

If you still have any queries, please leave your contact information with us by clicking below banner, a dedicated representative from SAS Online will guide you about account opening procedure in detail and clear all your doubts.

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