Draft Board Resolution For Splitting Share Certificate


Draft Board Resolution For Splitting Share Certificate

"RESOLVED THAT the original Certificate No. __ for ______ Equity shares of Rs. 10 each having distinctive No. …….. to ……… held in the name of _______ be cancelled and sub-divided certificates as noted below, be issued in lieu thereof under the Common Seal, if any, of the company to be affixed thereon in the presence of Shri ________ and Shri ________ directors of the company, who shall sign the same and be countersigned by shri _________, of the Company:

New Certificate No.                     Distinctive No.                     No. of Shares

"RESOLVED FURTHER THAT the original certificate no._____  be and is hereby cancelled on split of shares."

"RESOLVED FURTHER THAT Shri _________, of the company be and is hereby authorised to take such further steps and to do all acts, deeds and things as is required in order to give effect to the above resolutions."

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