Draft Board Resolution For Authority to File Court Case


Draft Board Resolution For Authority to File Court Case

“RESOLVED THAT the Board of Directors of the Company do hereby authorize Shri __________ of the Company to take all action(s), acts, deeds and things set out hereinafter in relation to filing of execution petition against …………………….”

“RESOLVED FURTHER THAT Shri __________ be and is hereby appointed as the true and lawful representative of the Company to do all or any of the acts, deeds, things specified hereinafter in connection with above matter in the competent Court of law (original/appellant and/or for revisional, review jurisdiction).

1.To sign, verify, pursue and present execution petition, suits, appeals, revision, applications, petitions, before appropriate Forum/Court at Chandigarh and to give statement (oral/writing) and/or on oath and/or otherwise which may be required to be done by the Company and to pursue in any manner such execution petition, suits, applications, petition and to take all such further steps as may be necessary and required for the purposes.

2.To move any application, replies, affidavits, etc in the court, review, revisions, appeal, compromise, accept the payment, withdraw the suit, to admit or deny any document, to receive and hand over the document, to apply for transfer of case from one court to another, on behalf of the executant in the said cases. He is further authorized to file any application/pleadings filing of which may become necessary at the subsequent stage for effectively pursuing the case.

3.To engage and appoint any lawyer, advocate, vakil, pleader or attorney as he thinks proper and necessary in the said case.

4.To adduce evidence, give statement and enter into compromise with the opposite party in the best interest of the Company.

5.To inspect the judicial file and take notes and apply and receive certified copy thereof.

6.To accept service of any summon, notice relating to said matters, to accompany the process server/bailiff for affecting the service of any notice/summons upon the opposite part and to execute the order/judgment/decree/award of any Court, Arbitrator, Tribunal, Forum at Indore against the above mentioned opposite parties on behalf of the Company.

7.And to do all acts, deeds and things which are not specifically mentioned hereinabove but may become necessary at the subsequent stage for the effective disposal of the above mentioned case.”

“RESOLVED FURTHER THAT the Board of Directors do hereby ratify, confirm and declare all the acts, deeds and things in as full manner done as lawful attorney by previous attorney for signing, filing and pursuing the complaints, suits, arbitration, if any in the above said cases against the above mentioned opposite parties and the same shall be binding on the Company.” 

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