Authorization Letter to Attend the AGM


As per the provisions of section 113(1)(a) of Companies Act 2013 a body corporate, whether a company within the meaning of this Act or not, may, if it is a member of a company within the meaning of this Act, by resolution of its Board of Directors or other governing body, authorise such person as it thinks fit to act as its representative at any meeting of the company, or at any meeting of any class of members of the company.

A person authorised by resolution shall be entitled to exercise the same rights and powers, including the right to vote by proxy and by postal ballot, on behalf of the body corporate which he represents as that body could exercise if it were an individual member, creditor or holder of debentures of the company.

Authorization Letter to Attend the AGM

The Managing Director,

Sub: Authorization to attend and vote in the ____ th AGM of _______.

Dear sir,

I the undersigned, do herby authorize Mr. ______________ to attend and vote for an on behalf of the Company and exercise any rights and powers (including the right to vote by proxy) in the same manner as the Company could exercise as a member of _______, in the ___th Annual General Meeting of M/s.____________ Ltd., to be held on _____day, the __th day of September, 20___ at _____ AM/PM at the registered office of the company at ___________ and any adjournment thereof.
Place :                                                                                   For ______________________

Date :

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