Draft Board Resolution For Recommendation of Dividend


Draft Board Resolution For Recommendation of Dividend

"RESOLVED THAT a dividend @__% (Rate of dividend) per share on the Equity Share Capital of the company be recommended for the financial year ended 31st March,_____ .” 

RESOLVED FURTHER THAT the consent of the shareholders of the company be obtained at the ensuring Annual General Meeting for the payment of the aforesaid dividend to the Equity Shareholders of the company.” 

"RESOLVED FURTHER THAT a Bank Account under the name and style of _______________ be opened with the ……… Bank to make payment of dividend to the equity share holders of the Company for the year ………..

RESOLVED FURTHER THAT Shri ……………. and/or Shri …………….. of the Company be and are hereby severally authorised to sign the necessary forms and documents for the purpose of the opening of the said bank account for and on behalf of the Company and the said bank be advised to honour all dividend warrants/cheques for equity shares bearing the signature of (Name of the Authorized person) by debiting the said dividend account.” 

"FURTHER RESOLVED THAT for the purpose of giving effect to this resolution, Shri ………………….. of the Company be and is hereby authorised, on behalf of the Company, to do all acts, deeds, matters and things as deem necessary, proper or desirable.”

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