Board Resolution for writing off Bad Debts



Board Resolution for writing off Bad Debts  

This is to inform the board that there are number of Debtors/Creditors outstanding since very long for which our internal auditor in its quarterly reports advising to either settle the accounts with the respective parties or to write off from the books of accounts at the earliest. We have made communication with respective parties to settle the accounts but there is no response from their end. Hence as per the advice of internal auditor it is proposed to write off such debtors/creditors from the books. 

Hence if approved following Resolution may be passed:-

"RESOLVED THAT the amounts noted against each of the items mentioned below appearing in the books of account of the company as on _________, be and are hereby written off.

S. No.

Name of Party

Nature of Dr./Cr.


Outstanding w.e.f.


























“FURTHER RESOLVED THAT ___________ be and is hereby authorized to take all necessary actions to implement the board decision.”

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