Board Resolution Format For Internet Banking


Board Resolution Format For Internet Banking

"RESOLVED THAT the company do avail the ______ e-banking Corporate Service for the accounts opened/to be opened with _______ Bank at their various Branch(es) and the company accepts all terms and conditions of _____ Bank and further/do accept such terms, regulations, conditions, stipulations laid down by _______ Bank from time to time for the purpose. Copy of the existing Terms and Conditions is received by the company, which is enclosed to this resolution as token of company’s agreement. Modification of such Rules placed by Bank on its website is sufficient and valid notice to the company."

"RESOLVED FURTHER THAT the company do execute necessary documents, agreement form(s), authority letter(s) and/or any other related documents from time to time for this purpose."

"RESOLVED FURTHER THAT the following officials be hereby singly/jointly authorized to accept sign, execute, deliver and complete all documentation, agreements, accounts opening forms and accept and abide by the modifications and/or variations in any or all the terms and conditions from time to time and, in order to apply for and avail and operate the "_____ e-banking Corporate" facility provided by the ______ Bank and any change in the above mandate shall be by a fresh resolution passed by company’s Board and by intimating the same to Bank."

1.      _____________(Authorized Signatory)
2.      _____________(Authorized Signatory)
3.      _____________(Authorized Signatory)

"RESOLVED FURTHER THAT the above authorized officials are also authorized to operate on behalf of the company through ‘_____ e-banking Corporate’ service on the company’s accounts including by causing a debit balance in company’s account(s) with _____Bank and/or continually operate the account(s) even when overdrawn, as per the access specifications authorized herein above."

"RESOLVED FURTHER THAT _____Bank be and hereby authorized to accept all instructions given or initiated through the ‘____ ebanking’ service Corporate either singly or jointly from all or any of the above instructions by the above signatories in the manner provided here in above."

"RESOLVED FURTHER THAT a copy of this resolution be and hereby be submitted to _____Bank duly certified by company secretary of the company."
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